Engage in Knowledge Exchange with Business whilst Leading and Planning on a Multi-disciplinary Project

ABC Consultancy Programme

Engage in Knowledge Exchange with Business whilst Leading and Planning on a Multi-disciplinary Project

A Research Services event
Date9 November 2020 - 16 April 2021


As part of the ESRC NPIF Accelerating Business Collaboration (ABC) Initiative the Universities of Exeter and Bristol in collaboration with the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) are pleased to offer SWDTP PhD researchers and graduates the following fully funded training opportunity delivered by Code-Switch Consultants.


The Code-Switch Academy offers a new, innovative and unique comprehensive training package that equips researchers in consultancy, project management and research leadership skills. Over the course of the research consultancy programme, researchers are considered Code-Switch Associate Research Consultants and work on collaborative, inter-disciplinary and challenge-oriented consultancy projects to produce innovative and strategic solutions for business clients.

Code-Switch experts in project management, consultancy and research deliver training and support and work collaboratively with associates to ensure all aspects of the research design, research methodology, engagement and deliverables are planned and produced to meet our exacting standards and our clients’ requirements. The programme is managed by a Code-Switch programme manager.

The programme offers researchers a remote learning and working experience which prepares them for future work as part of international research teams and modern-day collaborative work.

Brief outline

As a researcher, you will make your skills and knowledge available to the business clients whilst developing consultancy and project management skills in the real world.

Upon registration, researchers are required to submit their research expertise and skills. Code-Switch use these to match researchers to projects and create multi-disciplinary project teams with a diverse range of skills and experience to meet the needs of the project briefs, real-world challenges submitted by businesses.

The consultancy project framework is based upon PRINCE2 project management methodology and is broken down into four main stages:

1. Initiation Stage - Project teams define and co-create their project with the client
In this stage, you will be supported by Code-Switch professional to produce and co-create a Project Initiation Document with the client that, once approved, will act as the contract between your project team and the client for the delivery of the project

2. Delivery Stage - Project teams deliver the research
In this stage, you will carry out the research as stipulated in the Project Initiation Document. There will be ongoing communication with Code-Switch and the business clients to monitor delivery, manage risks, provide project updates and engage the Code-Switch Research Consultant.

3. Reporting Stage - Project teams prepare formal reports and presentation for clients
You will produce a Research Report and learn how to translate this into an effective Business Report with training and support from the Code-Switch professionals. Project teams deliver their findings and recommendations through a presentation to the business clients.

4. Evaluation Stage - Project teams evaluate project performance
Learn how to evaluate and close a project effectively through training and support of Code-Switch professionals. Project teams will learn to apply a range of recognised techniques to assess and document project performance from a range of perspectives and will lead on an exercise to ensure all stakeholders benefit from the lessons learned.

What do you get from this programme?

Once you have successfully delivered your consultancy project as part of your project team, you will receive a Statement of Completion from Code-Switch Academy.

You will also be given the opportunity to enter Code-Switch’s talent pool to deliver future paid consultancy projects.

A case study of your project including your profile will be published on the Code-Switch website and shared on LinkedIn to expose you to future employers.

By the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Engage in a knowledge exchange activity with businesses
  • Apply recognised consultancy and project management tools and techniques
  • Utilise recognised risk management techniques
  • Manage project stakeholders
  • Undertake high-quality analytical work
  • Plan and lead on a multi-disciplinary project
  • Communicate research ideas and findings clearly and appropriate to a business context
  • Use productivity tools for modern-day collaborative work

Starting dates

The next Code-Switch Research Consultancy Programme runs from 9th November 2020 to 16th April 2021.

For a full course outline please contact ESRC-IAA@exeter.ac.uk.

Applications are open. To apply for a place on the programme please apply online here.

ProviderResearch Services
OrganizerESRC IAA

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