Small changes can have a big impact

Rosemary Martin, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Dietician, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

John Malloch, Head of Procurement at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Waking up to the planetary health emergency webinar series - Webinar 5

A Global Systems Institute seminar
Date3 December 2020
Time12:30 to 13:30
PlaceOnline Event

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The profound environmental damage we are inflicting on this planet, our common home, is adversely affecting the health of those alive today. And the damage we have already done will continue to impact on human health and wellbeing for many generations to come. The geo-biological changes we have initiated will persist for many centuries. We are already locked-in to that change. The actions we collectively take in the next few years will not only determine the future for our own species, but the future for the entire biosphere. This is a planetary health emergency.

Join us for this webinar series to learn about and reflect on the most pressing health challenge our species has ever faced. Engage with experts to understand what our individual and collective responsibilities should be and how even small changes may have big effects. The stakes could not be higher. The actions taken by those of us alive today will determine the future health and wellbeing for generations of humanity and the survival of many other species on our planet.

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The Stuff of Health: Thinking in a more rounded way

John MallochHead of Procurement at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

John Malloch is the Head of Procurement at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust.  His earlier procurement experience ranges across higher education and industry such as energy generation, marine and aerospace.   In supply chain, he has managed procurement, contracts, stores, facilities, outsourced services, procurement engineering and bids for supply contracts, as well as provide consultancy.  He has served on national boards for a procurement academy and a large purchasing consortium.

He was responsible for sustainability and energy for 3 years at one large organisation after he showed too much interest.  John strongly believes that organisations can incorporate sustainability through their procurement (processes).

John will show delegates how to get better sustainable outcomes from their organisational procurement, and describe actual examples.  He will explain (leaving out the boring detail) who to influence, what to expect, and how to avoid or handle bureaucratic blockages.  John will be realistic about the key stakeholders who must be influenced and allies who could help.  The seminar will also cover some of the sustainable requirements you could reasonably demand.  Questions and challenges will be welcomed.    

Eat well for the planet

Rosemary Martin, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Dietician, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Rosie is a former zoologist turned award-winning registered dietitian. Graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2017, she now works for the Royal Devon and Exeter Oncology Centre as part of the Enhanced Supportive Care and Living With and Beyond Cancer services, as well as providing dietetic expertise on health and wellbeing within Occupational Health.

Rosie has a particular interest in preventative and lifestyle nutrition, as well as the wider impact of food choices on our planet. Rosie has worked with organisations including The Vegan Society and best-selling authors and chefs The Happy Pear to provide expertise in plant-based nutrition.

Learning Outcomes

  • The environmental impact of food as a global resource.
  • How do different diets measure up based on their environmental impact?
  • Can we support human health at the same time as supporting planetary health?
  • Practical ways to eat sustainably.

Riptide volume 13: Climate Matters

Climate Matters is the Riptide Journal’s thirteenth volume and was produced and published to coincide with the launch of the ‘Waking up to the planetary health emergency’ 2020 webinar series. A burning issue of our time – the climate crisis – is the central theme of this collection of short stories, poetry, images and science writing. Many of the contributors ponder the links between our relentless drive to consume, our disrespect for the natural world and its disastrous effect on the climate and the survival of humanity. In a range of ways they question the role that capitalism plays and the need for a redefinition of what constitutes a good life. COVID-19’s appearance during the selection process means the pandemic and issues of health – both individual and planetary – play their part in the whole.

Download a pdf copy of this publication here.


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OrganizerTim Malone
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