Quantifying environmental performance of human systems across socioeconomic scales

ESI State of the Art talk by Dr Xiaoyu Yan

An Environment and Sustainability Institute research event
Date30 November 2020
Time13:00 to 14:00
PlaceOnline/ MS Teams

Dr Xiaoyu Yan is our Featured ESI Academic of the Month.

Talk description:

We, as a species, have managed to drastically degrade the environment (air, water and land) over the last couple of decades, endangering not only our own life support systems but also other species on Earth. In recent years, the tide seems to have turned, with individuals, communities, organisations and nations mobilising to take more action on pressing sustainability challenges such as climate change, air pollution and plastic waste. However, we need to have a holistic and quantitative understanding of the environmental implications of everything we do. Otherwise, how can we know if we are doing the right thing(s)? In this talk, I will explain the methods that are commonly used to quantify the environmental performance of defined human systems (e.g., a product, a household, an organisation, a sector etc) from a whole life cycle perspective. Examples from past and ongoing projects will be used to show that sometimes well-intentioned actions can result in unexpected and undesirable consequences. I will end by sharing some thoughts on future directions in this area.


ProviderEnvironment and Sustainability Institute
Speaker(s)Dr Xiaoyu Yan, Senior Lecturer in Energy and Environment, University of Exeter
Registration informationIf you are not on our ESI mailing list and would like to attend this talk, please contact esidirector@exeter.ac.uk
OrganizerEnvironment and Sustainability Institute

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