Doctoral Research Forum - Huda Alateeq - Critical Pedagogy among EFL Writing Teachers at a University College in Saudi Arabia: A Step from Theory to Practice

A School of Education research event
Date20 November 2020
Time11:00 to 12:00


This study is based on critical theory and postmodernism and aims to introduce Critical Pedagogy (CP) among English language teachers at one educational institution in Saudi Arabia using action research methodology. The ultimate goal of the study is to change teachers’ views and approaches to teach writing by raising their awareness of CP. In this study, six data collection methods were utilised in several stages. In the first stage, a questionnaire was distributed among 135 English language instructors to investigate their awareness of CP. Then, group interviews were conducted to develop a more focused view of the situation with 10 participating teachers in the study context. In the second stage, three workshops were conducted to introduce CP to 15 English language teachers in the study context. Then, the third stage involved the collection of data using 15 evaluation forms, 12 observed sessions and post-observation interviews, 6 semi-structured interviews and 14 reflective journals. Next, the fourth stage reflected on the results of the previous stages through an analysis of the findings and evaluating the effects of actions to understand the explored issue clearly. The findings revealed teachers’ perceptions towards CP as a possible educational approach that could empower both EFL teachers and students. Although the findings exposed some effective changes and improvements, because of CP implementation, on students’ writings and teachers’ practices, the participants pointed out some challenges while implementing CP in their writing classrooms. These challenges related to students, teachers and the college system.


The presenter:

Moving around is what makes me the person who I am today. Meeting people from all the world, loving them and simply sharing with them my thoughts and dreams assist me to think and act differently. I Just realised that such a change has started long time ago yet been guided and translated on papers recently. My time to change has been activated, how about yours?

Huda:  H = Human, U = Unique, D = Dignity, A = Appreciation



ProviderSchool of Education
Intended audienceStudents and academic staff
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OrganizerSalah Troudi

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