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International Workshop: Long-distance cell-cell signalling in development and disease

A Living Systems Institute conference
Date5 - 8 September 2021
TimeEvent spans several days
PlaceLiving Systems Institute

International Workshop: Long-distance cell-cell signalling in development and disease

The Living Systems Institute (LSI) is proud to have been selected to work with EMBO to develop and host this important global workshop “Long-distance cell-cell signalling in development and disease” at the University of Exeter in early September.  The conference will feature a range of 24 expert speakers from global top-tier universities and institutes presenting and debating latest findings relating to long-distance cell signalling in development and disease. 

The event is open to 100 participants and will take place over 3 1/ 2 days from 5th-8th September on the beautiful University of Exeter Streatham campus.

Workshop attendees will compare and contrast recent exciting findings that illuminate these mechanisms, in particular the processes of production and release of membrane-bound morphogens, intercellular trafficking, and uptake of these signalling components. We will specifically focus on:

  • Secretory pathways
  • Extracellular signal trafficking
  • Establishment of morphogenetic gradients
  • Interactions of membrane-tethered ligands and receptors
  • Internalization and sorting of cargo

Better knowledge of intercellular trafficking mechanisms is essential because their elucidation will profoundly influence our understanding of the fundamental processes that control development and disease.

For more information including travel and childcare grant detail :  Long-distance cell-cell signalling in development and disease (embo.org) or contact Karina Scholpp k.scholpp@exeter.ac.uk or +44 (0) 1392 72 2726

Registration and abstract submission deadline: 4 June 2021
Chosen participant notification deadline: 1 July 2021
Payment deadline: 1 August 2021

ProviderLiving Systems Institute
OrganizerKarina Scholpp

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