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Speaker: Dr Paul Thompson (University of Birmingham) Title: Investigating the discourse of interdisciplinary research

Academic disciplines are sometimes described as using 'different languages'.

A School of Education seminar
Speaker(s)Dr Paul Thompson (University of Birmingham)
Date28 January 2014
PlaceEMS Building G18

In this talk I will report on the first stages of an ESRC funded project carried out at the Centre for Corpus Research, in collaboration with the publisher Elsevier, in which we investigate the discourse of a successful journal in an interdisciplinary field: Global Environmental Change. Our aims are to study the extent to which this field operates as a unified whole, the extent to which journal authors in the field broaden their messages to a multidisciplinary audience, and the extent to which each discipline in the field maintains a discrete identity.

Intended audienceStaff and students from Exeter University, visitors from other educational institutions and partnership schools.
Registration informationBooking is not required.
OrganizerTamara Snell
Dr_Paul_Thompson.pdfDr Paul Thompson's abstract and biography (140K)
Dr_Paul_Thompson.pdfDr Paul THompson's PowerPoint presentation (983K)

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