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Baring Court 114

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Speaker: Professor Mark Olssen (University of Surrey) Title: Liberalism, Neoliberalism and the Global Public Good: The Consequences of Climate Change

Neoliberalism has attacked the idea of a public good which underpinned the welfare state and argued for an extension of the free market to all corners of the globe.

A School of Education seminar
Speaker(s)Professor Mark Olssen (University of Surrey)
Date11 February 2014
PlaceBaring Court 114

A number of factors conspire at this juncture to derail the neoliberal settlement however. One is market failure as witnessed by the Credit Crunch and the current recession being experienced throughout Europe. Other factors such as population explosion, nuclear proliferation, terrorism and environmental catastrophe could exert even greater pressure for a reversal of the neoliberal project. Moderate or severe climate change could intensify such trends even further. Taken together, these factors could forseeably have a major impact on transforming the political and economic settlement as it has operated under neo-liberalism since the 1970s, resulting in the emergence of global political and educational structures constitutive of a new global welfare polis together with a global common good. My paper outlines the shifts in theoretical rationale and practice that might accompany such a transition.

Intended audienceStaff and students from Exeter University, visitors from other educational institutions and partnership schools.
Registration informationBooking is not required.
OrganizerTamara Snell
Professor_Mark_Olssen.pdfProfessor Mark Olssen's Biography and Abstract (204K)
Professor_Mark_Olssen.pdfProfessor Mark Olssen's PowerPoint presentation (247K)

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