Exeter Food 2021-2022 Seminar Series

Tom MacMillan - The National Food Strategy: A call to action

An Exeter Food seminar
Date2 February 2022
Time12:45 to 14:15
PlaceOnline via Teams

Wtih Professor Tom MacMillan from the Royal Agricultural University.

The National Food Strategy, published in July 2021, is the most recent and ambitious attempt to help government address the health and environmental crises faced in our food system. It compiled a mountain of evidence, and a shortlist of 14 recommendations to which government must now respond. But how can the rest of us make the most of it? And what will happen once the government’s white paper comes out? In this talk we’ll hear from Tom MacMillan, one of the team who supported Henry Dimbleby to develop the strategy as an independent policy advisor.

To receive the Teams link to join this seminar please email ExeterFood@exeter.ac.uk

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