Pete Yelding, sitar performer and researcher

An Introduction to the Lucknow Shahjahanpur Gharānā

Performance of sitar recitals and discussion about a classical Indian musical tradition

A South Asia Centre performance
Date24 February 2022
Time17:00 to 18:30

Ustad Irfan Muhammad Khan is the Khalif (chief) of this sitar, sarod and rubab gharānā (musical lineage), which played a significant role in shaping modern Hindustani music, but has been pushed to the margins today. Sitarist and cellist, Pete Yelding, is one of a group of Ustad Irfan Muhammad Khan’s students researching the embodied knowledge of this rich musical lineage. In this session he will give a brief history of the gharānā and perform some of its great compositions.

ProviderSouth Asia Centre
OrganizerProf. Nandini Chatterjee

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