'Microtargeting: Reverse engineering of an ethical conundrum' presented by Prof Stephan Lewandowsky (University of Bristol)

Part of the Exeter Q-Step/NCRM Research Methods Seminar Series

The University of Exeter Q-Step Centre seminar
Date24 February 2022

There has been much concern about the “microtargeting” of political messages at individuals on social media based on sometimes sensitive personal characteristics that are inferred by the platforms from mundane data and activities. Evidence suggests that this type of microtargeted advertising, for example based on recipients’ personality, can be effective.

I review the ethical and political implications of microtargeting and present ways in which the public might be protected against microtargeting, for example by “boosting” their ability to detect when they are targeted.
* co-authors will be identified at the talk

Prof. Stephan Lewandowsky is cognitive scientist with an interest in computational modeling. He conducts research on misinformation, particularly how misinformation spreads and persists in society. A full list of his research can be found here: https://www.cogsciwa.com


Part of the Exeter Q-Step/NCRM Research Methods Seminar Series

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