Centre for Research in STEM Education (CRISTEME) - Centre Meeting

Regular centre meeting for staff and students (all welcome)

A School of Education research event
Date9 June 2022
Time10:00 to 11:00

We will be discussing the recently publisehd report:

Science Education in an Age of Misinformation (https://naaee.org/eepro/resources/science-education-age-misinformation).

The report Science Education in an Age of Misinformation details issues of information literacy for science educators, including why information literacy in science is so important for students, issues of misinformation in scientific literature, and curricular exercises that educators can use with their students. Recommended citation: Osborne, J., Pimentel, D., Alberts, B., Allchin, D., Barzilai, S., Bergstrom, C., Coffey, J., Donovan, B., Kivinen, K., Kozyreva. A., & Wineburg, S. (2022). Science Education in an Age of Misinformation. Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

ProviderSchool of Education
Intended audienceAcademic staff and students
Registration informationContact the event organiser for the online meeting link
OrganizerJustin Dillon

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