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Marchant Syndicate Room A

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GSI Seminar Series: What is land for? Scenarios of future land use in the UK

A Global Systems Institute seminar
Date7 December 2022
Time14:00 to 15:00
Place Marchant Syndicate Room A

In person and Online- If you are not a member of the GSI community please email infogsi@exeter.ac.uk for the zoom link.

Speaker Tom Finch (RSPB)

Land is finite, but is under pressure to deliver multiple, often competing, objectives. The UK’s 2050 Net Zero target requires substantial changes to the way in which land is used, in order to transition the land sector from a net source of GHG emissions towards a net sink. The RSPB Land Use Scenarios Project explores the potential consequences for GHG emissions, bird populations and food production of 9 spatially-explicit scenarios of future land use. This talk will highlight some of the challenges associated with achieving a net zero land sector.


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