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Reed Hall

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Ulrich Preuss @ Exeter to talk about Citizens in Europe: An interdisciplinary perspective.

A Department of Politics research event
Date9 February 2016
PlaceReed Hall

This workshop will examine issues of citizenship, democracy and constitutionalism in Europe from legal, political and sociological perspectives. Professor Ulrich Preuss (Hertie) will discuss with us the themes explored in the new collection of his and Professor Claus Offe’s writings on: Citizens of Europe. Essays on Democracy, Constitutionalism and European Integration (ECPR Press, 2016)

Workshop is organized by the Centres of Political Thought and Centre for European Governance (Jean Monnet Chair) of the University of Exeter as part of the SWDTC Advanced Training Programme in Political Arguments.

There will be a reception (7.30-8.00pm) after the workshop.

ProviderDepartment of Politics

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