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Alexander Building TS1

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When is Voice Studies? Methodologies, Challenges and Atopias in an Emerging Field.

The latest developments in the emerging inter-discipline of voice studies.

A Department of Drama research event
Date18 May 2016
PlaceAlexander Building TS1

The last decade has witnessed a significant shift in the analysis of the sonic and aural in performance studies and beyond. Taking this larger paradigm shift as its point of departure, this seminar will attempt to trace the latest developments in the emerging inter-discipline of voice studies, with the particular challenges such an endeavour might present. Voice is now receiving concentrated attention in a variety of areas and, significantly, scholars and practitioners are establishing interdisciplinary bridges to invent new methodologies and create theoretical tools that can help us listen in to the new landscape of vocal practices with renewed interest and rigour. This seminar is designed to chart the genesis of the new field of enquiry but also to extend an invitation to re-imagine what voice studies is and what voice studies could become.

ProviderDepartment of Drama

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