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Streatham Court Old B

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Alison Harcourt - Global activism: A case study rights technologies

Inaugural lecture followed by drinks reception

A Department of Politics lecture
Date3 October 2016
PlaceStreatham Court Old B

The lecture shows a gradual move away from international treaties agreement to self-regulatory of copyright protection in standard developing organisations (SDOs).

Activists were initially able to tap into the wider anti-copyright movement to forward their cause and gain some successes for example in the highly visible cases of Apple Fairplay and AEBPR. However, they have been less successful when the forum shifted to SDOs where decision-making is less visible or vulnerable to public pressure. Institutional ambiguity, lack of public consultation over decision-making and increasingly complex technological advance (which makes translation to general citizens difficult) has hampered activists’ efforts. This was most evident in the W3C debate over specifications for Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) in advanced HTML5. The paper teases out different stakeholder positions and follows the discussion within the W3C. It contextualises the debate in the wider political science literature on global activism.

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If you wish to attend the lecture and drinks reception please email mailto:ssis-events@exeter.ac.uk

ProviderDepartment of Politics

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