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Creating Alternative Performance Work in the Spaces Between

Aesthetics dramaturgies, and performance processes of The Llanarth Group's Told by the Wind and other work

A Department of Drama research event
Date14 October 2016

Reserve a place and further information at http://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/drama/whatson/index.php#1155

Phillip Zarrilli with playwright/dramaturg, Kaite O’Reilly This talk will serve as a prelude to the performance of Told by the Wind at the Exeter Northcott on Monday 17 October at 7:30p.m. The talk will begin with a discussion of the context and sources that inspired the co-creation of Told by the Wind. The talk will focus on the aesthetic and structural/dramaturgical principles that inform Japanese ‘phantasmal’ noh dramas, the ‘aesthetics of quietude’ associated with noh and the work of Ota Shogo, key concepts such as yugen and wabi sabi, as well as the notion of parallel universes from contemporary cosmology and astro-physics. Zarrilli will also briefly discuss the posychophysical training processes he uses to train actors that informs all the productions discussed.

ProviderDepartment of Drama

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