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Mood Disorders Centre G17

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Isobel Evans (University of Exeter) - Social connectedness, cognitive reserve, and cognition in later life

A Mood Disorders Centre seminar
Date13 January 2017
Time12:00 to 13:00
PlaceMood Disorders Centre G17

Mood Disorder Centre Think-Tank seminar series. All welcome.

Isobel Evans (University of Exeter) will be giving a seminar with the title to 'Social connectedness, cognitive reserve, and cognition in later life'.

The Think-Tank seminar series is organised by Heather O’Mahen, Lorna Cook, Matthew Owens-Solari and Matthew Lomas (mdcadmin@exeter.ac.uk).


Being well socially connected has been associated with a range of positive outcomes in later life and there is some evidence to suggest it may also be associated with cognitive function. Existing empirical evidence assessing this association is inconclusive and often fails to consider the role of underlying mechanisms. Cognitive reserve is one mechanism that may contribute to this relationship. This PhD upgrade presentation will critically discuss existing empirical studies that assess the relationship between social connectedness and cognition. In addition, evidence to suggest that cognitive reserve is implicated in the relationship between social isolation and cognitive function in later life will be presented.

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