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Queens Building LT1

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Inaugural lecture by Professor Jose Iriarte

Greater Expectations: The pre-Columbian Human Footprint on Lowland Latin American Landscapes

A Department of Archaeology lecture
Date27 March 2017
Time17:30 to 18:30
PlaceQueens Building LT1

Professor José Iriarte is an archaeologist and archaeobotanist whose research focuses on coupled human-environmental systems, plant domestication, the development of agricultural economies and emergent cultural complexity.

Themulti-proxy, cross-disciplinary nature of hisprojects, which integrate archaeology, palaeoecology, soil science, and modern ecology, has allowed him to explore human-environmental interactions in depth and have provided clearer evidence on the timing and nature of human impact on tropical and subtropical ecosystems across Latin America.

The Inaugural lecture is open to all staff and students and entry is free. A drinks reception will be held after the lecture in Queen's Cafe, 6.30-8pm.

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ProviderDepartment of Archaeology
Poster___Professor_Jose_Iriarte_Inaugural_Lecture___Monday_27th_March_2017.pdfInaugural lecture poster (4103K)

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