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Our Changing Climate (Biosciences at the University of Exeter)

A sample lecture from Dr Sarah Hodge, University of Exeter

An Overseas Travel overseas event
Date23 September 2017
Time18:00 to 19:30
PlaceHong Kong

Unit 1202, 12/F, Cheung Lee Commercial Building,25 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK

The talk will begin with a brief overview of climate change, its causes, and future implications. We will then look at examples of research conducted by academics at Exeter. This may include; research assessing the impact climate change will have the conservation of endangered sea turtles, models predicting how endangered species will adapt to a changing climate, the influence of changing sea levels on the carbon cycle, and the impact of global warming on microclimate and the implications of global warming for the English wine industry. The session will end with some top tips on applying to a UK university and choosing the right degree course in this field. For more information please email Lauren Hitchman, International Officer (East Asia) L.Hitchman2@exeter.ac.uk

To sign up to this event please go to www.exeter.ac.uk/news/events/taster-session/ places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

This session is suitable for students currently studying and interested in pursuing a UK degree in:-Biological Sciences-Geography-Environmental Science

ProviderOverseas Travel
Speaker(s)Dr Sarah Hodge, Senior Lecturer in Zoology

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