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XFI Seminar Room B

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CAIS Brownbag Seminar: Saipira FURSTENBERG & John HEATHERSHAW – Forms of State Repression and Practice in an Age of Globalisation: The Case of Central Asian Political Exiles.

A Centre of Advanced International Studies seminar
Date21 March 2018
Time12:30 to 13:30
PlaceXFI Seminar Room B

Authoritarian regimes are increasingly enmeshed in the processes of globalisation. Their repression expands beyond traditional territorial borders and reaches their populations across the borders of nation-states. Such developments suggest a need for a more refined understanding of their territoriality and extra-territoriality in terms of a dynamic, ongoing process of spatial state power configuration. This paper aims to locate sites of state control in the context of transnationalism and globalisation. Focusing on the states of Central Asia the paper aims to examine extraterritorial authoritarian state mobilisation to target political exiles. Such an approach shed lights on the the transboundary nature of authoritarian regime where the pursuit of domestic politics and power takes place as much inside as outside territorial borders.

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