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Knightley, Boardroom

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Baat-Cheet: Narrating war, imagining ideal warriors for the Maratha Empire: Marathi narratives from western India

An Exeter South Asia Centre Baat-cheet seminar

A South Asia Centre seminar
Speaker(s)Dr Prachi Deshpande, CSSSC, Kolkata, India
Date14 February 2018
Time13:00 to 14:30
PlaceKnightley, Boardroom

This seminar is hosted in conjunction with the Centre for the Study of War, State and Society

Dr Deshpande iis a historian of early modern India and a fellow of CSSSC, Kolkata, a partner institution of UoE. Her book Creative Pasts: Historical Memory and Identity in Western India, 1700-1960 (Columbia University Perss) told a beautifully woven story about the Maratha Empire (the greatest rival of the British in India the 18th century) and about memories of the great Maratha warriors. This talk revisits that research, in the light of her current research on the history of Marathi language.

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