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Amory B106

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'Terroir' and the professional, social and cultural world of Burgundy wines

A College of Social Sciences and International Studies seminar
Speaker(s)Prof. Marion Demossier
Date10 October 2018
Time10:30 to 12:30
PlaceAmory B106

Prof. Demossier’s seminar will discuss the professional, social and cultural world of Burgundy wines. Based on a long-term ethnographic analysis of Burgundian viticulture, she will examine the concept of ‘terroir’ – the place-based construction of particular products – and explore how regions have used heritage and culture as a tool of economic development.

The Burgundian model of ‘terroir’ has been reproduced in China, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand and has acquired UNESCO world heritage status, however its legitimacy is now challenged in the vineyards where it first took root. The seminar will reflect on the diverse strategic deployments of ‘terroir’ and their implications for the connection between the local and global. The consequences of a debate around wine production and consumption will be developed in relation to understandings of place, product and people.

Marion Demossier is Professor of French and European Studies in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of Southampton, and holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the EHESS (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales) in Paris. She has been involved as an expert with the wine industry in France and New Zealand and, since 2006, has been a member of the UNESCO network ‘Culture of Wine’.

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