Professor Ozan Karaman

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IAIS Building/LT1&2

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Professor Ozan Karaman (CNRS, Paris) presents "Urban redevelopment in Istanbul: contestations and negotiations"

Part of the IAIS Visiting Speaker Series

An Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies lecture
Date14 - 15 November 2018
PlaceIAIS Building/LT1&2

Ozan Karaman is a CNRS researcher, based in LATTS (Research Centre on Technologies, Territories and Societies). Focusing on Istanbul, this talk will contextualize urbanization processes within an entrenched authoritarian-Islamic-neoliberal political framework and discuss facets of urban (re)development.

Ozan Karaman was previously a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Glasgow, and a researcher in Urban Sociology at the Singapore-ETH Centre.  His work has engaged with debates in urban political economy and urban theory, with a particular concern with socio-spatial inequalities and grassroots mobilisations.  He is currently undertaking an ERC funded research project titled "urban revolution and the political".

Tea and coffee to be served from 4.30pm in the IAIS Common Room.  All are welcome to attend and registration is not necessary.


Wealth accumulation based on real estate and infrastructure has been central to Turkish economic and urban policy over the last decade.  Focusing on the case of Istanbul this talk will first contextualise urbanisation processes within an entrenched authoritarian-Islamic-neoliberal political framework.  Through case studies, various facets of urban (re)development will be discussed, and the ways in which specific interventions have been negotiated and contested.  Comparisons will then be drawn with similar phenomena in other megacities across the world.

ProviderInstitute of Arab and Islamic Studies

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