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Bill Douglas Cinema Museum

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F@!+4 The Other 'F word'

A non-denominational exploration of faith and identity

A Film Studies event
Date11 December 2018
Time11:00 to 12:30
PlaceBill Douglas Cinema Museum

A pop-up cinema event run by current MA International Film Business students.

What does FAITH mean to you? Why is FAITH so often stigmatized in today's society?

Join us for an afternoon of non-denominational enlightenment as we explore the concept of faith through art and film. Have a chat with "God" via walkie talkie. Listen to others express times they have been morally unsound according to their faith. View four short films, each exploring faith in a different way. Through conversation with other members of the community and interacting with art, our goals are to show that our diverse faiths have more in common than we think and to reduce the stigmas associated with our beliefs.

Free admission for an afternoon of Short films, art installations, self-discovery in a safe space, food and beverages.

Claim your spot, participate and learn more at: tiny.ie/faith2018


ProviderFilm Studies

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