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Amory B106

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CRPR Seminar Series - Dr Rachel Kaleta

Cultivating resilient food systems: A case study from the Tamar Valley - Dr. Rachel Kaleta

A College of Social Sciences and International Studies seminar
Date20 February 2019
Time10:30 to 12:15
PlaceAmory B106

Dr. Rachel Kaleta first trained as an ecologist, and went on to gain a Masters and PhD in Ethnobiology at the University of Kent, Canterbury. Her research has focused on the sustainability of socio-ecological systems. She has conducted research on medicinal plant use by snake charmers in India, wild resource use in Morocco, and local food systems in the UK. Rachel’s current research is on socio-ecological food systems in the Tamar Valley. Rachel is a lecturer in Ecology and Ethnobotany at Eden Project Learning.

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