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Washington Singer Labs 220

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Longitudinal Data Analysis for Social Scientists

Q-Step Data Analytics Workshops

The University of Exeter Q-Step Centre workshop
Date20 March 2019
Time13:30 to 16:30
PlaceWashington Singer Labs 220

In this workshop you will learn about the principles of longitudinal data analysis; when it should be used and the advantages and disadvantages of longitudinal methods.

You will also learn how to construct a person-period data file and methods for estimating these data. The workshop will be taught using STATA software and will include hands-on examples.

Please note that a prior experience in regression analysis is required.


Attendance at this event is free of charge but booking is essential as space is limited. Registration is open via My Career Zone. Please note we allow up to 4.30pm for this workshop however we may finish earlier depending on numbers and volume of questions.

ProviderThe University of Exeter Q-Step Centre

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