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Digital Humanities Workshop: Introductory workshop to GIS and the Spatial Humanities

A Digital Humanities workshop
Date7 March 2019
Time10:00 to 14:00
PlaceDigital Humanities Laboratory

Seminar Room 1

Digital Humanities Workshop. Dr Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Lancaster University): "Introductory workshop to GIS and the Spatial Humanities". This introductory hands-on training will cover the basics of GIS (geographic information system) software. Please sign up via the Eventbrite link below.

Dr Patricia Murrieta-Flores is an archaeologist and the Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Hub at Lancaster University. Her interest lies in the application of technologies for Humanities and her primary research area is the Spatial Humanities. Her main focus is the investigation of different aspects of space, place and time using a range of technologies including GIS, NLP, Machine Learning and Corpus Linguistics approaches.



Collaborations between disciplines such as Geography and different fields in the Humanities are not new. However, the adoption of theories and methods from computational fields such as the Geographic Information Sciences in Humanities-based fields has taken place only in relatively recent times. While in the field of Archaeology tools such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been used for several decades, it has been only in the past few years that disciplines such as History and Literature have started to explore the possible uses of the technology. As a result, ‘Spatial Humanities’ is rapidly developing as one of the most exciting and innovative fields of research in Digital Humanities, exploring the analysis of space and place in different disciplines. This workshop will walk you through the world of spatial technologies, and the most cutting age research taking place in the Humanities combining Geographic Information Systems, Corpus Linguistics, Natural Language Processing techniques and Text Mining.

You will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with GIS software.

This is aimed at a basic level so you don’t need any prior experience.

10-11am: The Spatial Humanities: Theory, methods and case studies

11.15-12pm: Basic Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

[12-1pm lunch break]

1-2pm: Let’s play with GIS: Hands-on lab session

Numbers for this event are limited so please sign up today! In the event of full capacity, preference will be given to PGR/PGT students.

SIGN UP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dr-patricia-murrieta-flores-lancaster-university-introductory-workshop-to-gis-and-the-spatial-tickets-55285186481

Contact us: digitalhumanities@exeter.ac.uk

ProviderDigital Humanities
OrganizerUniversity Of Exeter Digital Humanities Lab

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