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Digital Humanities Seminar: Old sources, new technology: Computational approaches for the study of colonial Latin American sources

A Digital Humanities seminar
Date7 March 2019
Time16:00 to 17:30
PlaceDigital Humanities Laboratory

Digital Humanities Lab seminar series. Dr Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Lancaster University): "Old sources, new technology: Computational approaches for the study of colonial Latin American sources". Join us for drinks and nibbles following the paper!

Patricia Murrieta-Flores is an archaeologist and the Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Hub at Lancaster University. Her interest lies in the application of technologies for Humanities and her primary research area is the Spatial Humanities. Her main focus is the investigation of different aspects of space, place and time using a range of technologies including GIS, NLP, Machine Learning and Corpus Linguistics approaches.


In this talk I will present the T-AP funded project ‘Digging into Early Colonial Mexico: A large scale computational analysis of 16th century historical documents’. This project is a 3 year collaboration between the History Department at the University of Lancaster, the Computer Science and Engineering Institute at the University of Lisbon, and the Museum of Templo Mayor from the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico. Within this project we are developing computational approaches to identify, extract, cross-link and analyse historical information from the corpus of the 16th century ‘Geographic Reports of New Spain’. Using approaches from Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Corpus Linguistics and Geographic Information Sciences, the project is creating new digital datasets and exploring historical questions related to the political, economic and social environment of Mexico and Guatemala.

OrganizerUniversity of Exeter Digital Humanities Lab

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