DPUK Datathon 1-3 May

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Forum Exploration Lab 2

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DPUK Datathon at the University of Exeter

Join innovators at the forefront of data science to develop new ways of predicting & diagnosing dementia

An Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence workshop
Date1 - 3 May 2019
Time9:00 to 16:00
PlaceForum Exploration Lab 2

Clinical trials are moving earlier to intervene before the onset of dementia itself. As the amount of data that we have available to us increases rapidly, it is becoming vital to innovate in order to make sense of it and gain new insights. At the Exeter Datathon, you will work with others in the DPUK Data Portal. You will focus on predicting dementia risk; conversion from mild cognitive impairment to dementia; and the potential of transfer learning to facilitate predictions between different datasets.

Successful applicants will have experience in machine machine learning approaches and an interest in dementia. Participants will be carefully selected to ensure a complementary interdisciplinary mix of skills in the datathon. We hope to encourage new collaborations and ideas, and facilitate the formation of working groups that will continue to work together after the event.

Travel bursaries will be available to support early career researchers on a competitive basis. The datathon is supported by the Alan Turing Institute, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Dementias Platform UK, and the University of Exeter. 

Apply here by 15th April.  

ProviderInstitute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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