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Washington Singer 219

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IDSAI: Data Governance, Algorithms and Values Workshop


An Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence workshop
Date4 June 2019
Time13:00 to 16:30
PlaceWashington Singer 219

This IDSAI research theme, led by Professor Sabina Leonelli, addresses the social embedding of data across different settings, from business to policy and government, from biology to health and climate change, and the implications of such embedding brings both for the governance and regulation of data flows and for the technical management and use of data and related analytic tools. Responsible data management, the role of values in algorithms and questions of data ethics are key to this theme. Rather than considering these issues in isolation, we study their role within real-world challenges for - and both current and future applications of - data science and artificial intelligence. All colleagues whose research is concerned with the theme are invited to join this workshop on 4th June to discuss the theme and future research in this area at the University. There will be a budget for the theme and funding opportunities for seed projects and Turing Institute connections.

Please register your interest in attending the workshop here.   
If you are unable to attend on the 4th June but would like to register your interest in the theme for future events and opportunities then please email j.l.williams@exeter.ac.uk 



ProviderInstitute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Data_Governance_workshop_programme.pdfWorkshop Programme (65K)

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