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Streatham Court Old C

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Barton Lecture: Writing the History of the Sultan Saladin

Jonathan Phillips (Royal Holloway)

A Centre for Medieval Studies lecture
Date4 December 2019
Time18:00 to 19:30
PlaceStreatham Court Old C

This year's Simon Barton Memorial Lecture is being given by Prof. Jonathan Phillips, one of the UK's leading experts on the Crusades. He has published major works on the Second and Fourth Crusades, and is currently writing a new history of the Third. He is also well known to the public through his various appearances on TV and radio. This talk draws on his recently published book 'The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin' (Yale, 2019) and pays tribute to Simon Barton's work on Islam and Spain.

ProviderCentre for Medieval Studies
OrganizerHelen Birkett

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