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Digital Humanities Laboratory, seminar room 1

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Digital Humanities Workshop: Visual AI and the Digital Humanities: practical approaches

A Digital Humanities workshop
Date20 November 2019
Time10:30 to 13:00
PlaceDigital Humanities Laboratory, seminar room 1

Sign up required. Computer vision is perhaps AI’s most visible success story. This hands-on workshop will show attendees how to use free and open-source software to search, classify, compare and annotate large collections of images. Online demos and datasets will be provided, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own images. The workshop will be followed by a seminar discussing the state of the art in computer vision within DH, and exploring critical and ethical issues around such controversial technologies as facial recognition.

Please sign up via Eventbrite.


by Dr Giles Bergel, University of Oxford.

ProviderDigital Humanities
Speaker(s)Dr Giles Bergel, University of Oxford
OrganizerDigital Humanities Lab

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