All colleagues need to complete these online mandatory training courses. (image courtesy Shutterstock)

New mandatory training policy for all new starters begins in September

A new policy launches in September to ensure all staff, associates and casual workers complete four mandatory online training courses.  All colleagues will need to complete training on Health and Safety; Equality and Diversity; Prevent; and Information Governance. Most importantly this will help create a safe working environment that emphasises our values as an institution as well as fulfil any legal requirements for this core training.

  • From September 2019 all new starters, including payroll, associates and casual workers must complete the Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, Prevent and, Information Governance modules on day one of employment. These take around 45 minutes each.
  • By January 2020 all existing payroll colleagues need to ensure that they are compliant by completing the training.
  • By September 2020 all associate and casual workers will be included in the mandatory training policy and must complete the training.

A new process will issue weekly reminders to colleagues who have not yet completed their online training.

Imelda Rogers, Director of People Services said: “Before a course is made mandatory, we take a huge amount of time to ensure that it is necessary and that the benefits to colleagues outweigh the work involved.  These courses strengthen the University’s position as a safe, secure and inclusive place to learn and work. We hope that by completing the four courses colleagues will possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform effectively and safely in their roles – as well as avoid the reminder emails pinging into their inboxes.”

If you have any questions please contact Cara Winter, Project Manager.

Date: 19 August 2019

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