Student life

Being a student at the University of Exeter is a fantastic experience, as you're about to find out! Although getting a great degree is likely to be your top priority, hopefully you'll find plenty of time around your studies to immerse yourself in the other aspects of student living life in the South West has to offer.

If you've just left home for the first time, enjoy your new found independence by getting stuck in to the action. You'll meet loads of new people at University who'll be in the same boat as you so why not explore the sights and sounds of your new surroundings together? Arrange a few outings, find some great places to hang out and get to know your new friends and your new home at the same time. You're bound to get visitors too - friends and family from home who'll jump at the chance to visit. Show them the best the local area has to offer, you'll soon have your own favourites as your new surroundings become your home away from home.

If you're coming to the South West from even further afield as an international student the prospect of getting to know the local area and its culture should be even more exciting - if a little daunting! As an incredibly friendly, welcoming place your new University of Exeter campus will soon feel like a second home as you make new friends and settle in to student life. Don't forget to use the University's great international student support network if you have any questions about settling in to life in the UK.

Wherever you're coming to us from, you're sure to meet great friends and soon feel at home. Remember that all new students (and other students for that matter) will be wanting to get to know people, settle in and make the most of their time here. There's so much going on both at the University and within the local area you're bound to find the things you enjoy. So, join in, have fun and enjoy your University of Exeter experience.