EPSRC Maths Doctoral Training Partnership

About us

The University of Exeter’s Mathematical Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership (EXE-MATH) aims to deliver advanced training in the mathematical sciences across a wide spectrum of topics. These include fundamentals such as number theory, algebra, and geometry in addition to training in mathematics capable of transforming the economy and society. Achieving this is through collaboration with its multidisciplinary institutes (the Living Systems Institute, Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Global Systems Institute, Environmental Sustainability Institute) and external collaborators, such as those at the Heilbronn Institute, Met Office, the Alan Turing Institute, and the World Health Organization. 

Having a wide scope of research activities is important, as all branches of mathematics are relevant to contemporary life, especially in the development of new technology. For example, number theory plays a key role in cryptography, which is important for cyber security; graph theory is one of the foundation concepts of the data science revolution and theorems of differential geometry have led to new numerical methods being built in weather and climate models that are currently under development. 

A principal goal of EXE-MATH is to create a new generation mathematics researcher who has experienced a rich culture that includes both fundamental and impactful mathematics research.

Funding Notes

We will fund up to 8 students to join in September 2021. Studentships are 4-year awards, including tuition fees and a tax-free stipend set at the UKRI rates.

Projects and PhD studentships available