Full list of Institute Postgraduate modules

These modules were available to students during the current and previous academic years. While they are representative of the choices which will be available to you during your degree, you should note that modules may change depending on the research interests of staff. Some modules may be subject to final accreditation.

ARAM054 State and Society in the Middle East 30
ARAM102 Islam in practice: classical teachings and contemporary interpretations  30
ARAM103A New Approaches to Islamic Thought 15
ARAM112A Independent Reading Course - Sem 1 15
ARAM112B Independent Reading Course - Sem 2 15
ARAM188 The Middle East Since 1945 30
ARAM190 Research Methods Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 15
ARAM204 The History and Historiography of the Palestine Question 30
ARAM209 Palestinian Politics after Oslo 15
ARAM213 Approaches to Middle East and Islamic Studies: States, Societies and Identities 15
ARAM214 Islamic Culture and Civilization 15
ARAM215 Studying the Contemporary Middle East 15
ARAM027 MA Dissertation  60

More detailed module information can be found on the department site.

Degrees in Exeter

  • MA Middle East and Islamic Studies
  • MA Islamic Studies
  • MA Politics and International Relations of the Middle East
  • MRes Middle East Studies