MSc Conservation and Biodiversity

“I have really enjoyed the flexibility and variety of module choices on the programme and the amount of skills I developed in each one. I’m learning about current marine scientific research, and getting to meet founders of conservation NGOs and science-communication organisations.

I have found the teaching to be excellent. The lecturers promote discussion-style lectures so I really feel I am engaging with the topics taught, and am never afraid to ask questions or talk about ideas. The academics are genuinely supportive, and are very happy to talk and help whenever it is needed. My personal tutor has been particularly helpful, not only academically, but also on personal matters and has given very useful career advice.

The University of Exeter has a fantastic reputation, especially for Biosciences! The idea of studying at the Penryn Campus in Cornwall really appealed to me because of the natural beauty of the area and the wide range of career possibilities within my field (wildlife conservation).

I have really enjoyed meeting people from different backgrounds, of different nationalities and ages, and with very different interests and styles. I feel part of a big, friendly and very inclusive community.

After I graduate I would like to pursue a PhD and then work in science communication or education. Meeting academics and scientists at Exeter has made me realise what a broad range of options I actually have, and I’ve already made some connections.

The MSc Conservation and Biodiversity programme is excellent, whether you have an interest in marine or terrestrial wildlife, want to go into academia or gain skills in ecological consultancy; there are so many options!”