MSc Global Sustainability Solutions, Streatham Campus

"I studied at Exeter for my undergraduate degree, after my dad (a past alumni) recommended it to me. I’ve found it a welcoming and excellent place to study, and wanted to stay here for my Masters.

The teaching on the MSc has been hands on and interesting so far, with a focus on a human geography aspect I haven’t seen since my first year of university. The lecturers are also extremely friendly and very keen to help us on our way with the course.

I really enjoy the ability for us to get hands on experience within the actual sustainability job market itself, and the fact that this course is empowering us not only to learn about sustainability challenges, but giving us the right tools to tackle them.

My biggest highlight so far has probably been meeting with the external partner organisations, and seeing just how many large companies are keen to work with us on this course!

We also visited the Brixham Fish Market for the day in early October, as part of our Blue Planet module. This field trip showed us the fishing industry, its practices and its workers first hand, and also allowed us to conduct market research in the surrounding town.

The trip gave us the opportunity to research a sustainability challenge and come up with potential innovative solutions over a short time period, as well as giving insight into an industry that was previously a complete unknown. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel as if this would be an interesting field to seek sustainability work in.

Streatham Campus has been an excellent place to study, whether through first year group projects or finalising my dissertation, there’s lots of options for study space, support networks and the ability to take breaks in nice locations where necessary. Living in Exeter itself is lovely, I am very keen to continue living in the area once my course is finished, hopefully alongside some more sustainability work!

I would encourage students to apply to Exeter as soon as they can, joining this university and attending it for the past 3 years has been the best time of my life!"