MSc Sustainable Development, Penryn Campus

“My favourite thing about the programme is the research skills that I have acquired in project designing. I’ve also really enjoyed the field trip to Newlyn fish market. We learnt about the various fish and how they are caught, challenges that fishermen face on the coast and the limited quotas placed on them. It was such a worthwhile and educational experience.

Studying at Exeter was challenging initially as it was my first time in UK, but I am mastering the whole system now. The students wearing ASK t-shirts in welcome week were really helpful and made me feel comfortable on campus.

I chose this university because of the quiet environment to study and the graduate job prospects upon finishing. Living on the Penryn Campus has been a series of awesome moments with other international students and very supportive staff.

I would like a career as a Sustainability Manager in the water sector. The career prospects after this programme are so varied.”