Full list of Politics Postgraduate modules

These modules were available to students during the current and previous academic years. While they are representative of the choices which will be available to you during your degree, you should note that modules may change depending on the research interests of staff. Some modules may be subject to final accreditation.

POLM057 Understanding and Interpretation in Political Thought 30
POLM060 Global Security 30
POLM063 Qualitative Methods in Social Research 15
POLM073 Political Economy of Food and Agriculture 15
POLM074 Research and Knowledge Transfer for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture 15
POLM077 The Politics of Human Rights 30
POLM082 International Relations of the Middle East 30
POLM084 Conflict, Security and Development in World Politics 30
POLM085 Work Placement in Conflict, Security and Development 30
POLM086 Quantitative Data Analysis 30
POLM090 East Asian Regional Order 30
POLM105 The Politics of Global Capitalism 30
POLM140 Qualitative Methods in Social Research 15
POLM142 Europe in the Digital Age 30
POLM147 Political Psychology and Rational Choice Approaches to International Relations 30
POLM148 Brexit: Causes, interpretation, and implications 30
POLM150 Text as data 15
POLM502 International Relations: Power and Institutions 30
POLM606 European Political Integration 30
POLM651 State and Society in the Middle East 30
POLM803 Sources in Modernity and Post-Modernity 30
POLM806 Topics and Texts in Social and Political Thought 15
POLM809 Applied Quantitative Data Analysis 15
POLM877 Dissertation 45
POLM876 Dissertation skills 15
POLM002M Management and Governance:Comparing Public Administration around the World (MPA only) 20
POLM003M Policy and Politics: the theory and Strategy of Delivering Public Services (MPA only) 20
POLM004M Public Sector Finance for Managers (MPA only) 20
POLM001M Risk, Responsibility, Regulation: Whose Policy is it Anyway? (MPA only) 20
POLM005M The Politics, Policy and Practice of Sustainable Development (MPA only) 20
POLM007M The New Public Management: Principles, Practice and Prospects (MPA only) 20
POLM008M Policy Analysis and Evaluation (MPA only) 20
POLM009M Regulation and Reform: Analysis and Policy (MPA only) 20
POLM010M Past, Present and Future of Health Provision through a Financial Looking Glass (MPA only) 20
POLM014M MPA Applied Studies (MPA with Applied Studies ONLY) 60
POLM013M Dissertation 60

More detailed module information can be found on the Politics department site.