Business Intelligence

The BI Team is responsible for coordinating the University's approach to strategic management information.

Each of the sections below explains a little more about this, and includes a link to further information.

What is BI?

Business Intelligence is a specialised form of management information, focussed on providing managers with comprehensive, rich data with which to answer complex, strategic business questions. Click here for more information about what BI is, and how it transforms organisations‘ ability to understand themselves, or you can watch our video 'What is BI?'

How does BI work?

BI takes data from diverse, operational business systems, and uses them to synthesise a ‘universe’ that seeks to describe, measure and predict every significant process in the organisation’s activities, This page explains the theory of how that is achieved.


These pages have been designed to give you a bit more information about the purposes of academic workload planning and the use of SWARM at the University.

MI Hub

The MI Hub is the University's central portal for accessing business intelligence and management information from across the organisation