Area AffectedChange and Rationale
Activity not directly related to education

Staff reported they were unclear where certain activities such as attendance at departmental meetings or open days should appear in their workloads.


Different approaches meant it was difficult to compare workloads. In general staff were unclear when an activity was part of citizenship, when it became material enough to become an admin role, or why some things were shown under S&S. 


To address this we have agreed an institutional definition of Citizenship, provided guidance relating to what should appear under S&S and have revised how we treat what were known as Admin Roles (now Leadership roles)


Staff requested clarity about whether and how funded and unfunded grants should complement institutionally funded research time (described locally as QR time/the research day/the 20%).


We have worked with Research Services to develop this Scholarship template which is being populated by CEGs and will be incorporated into College policies this year. The template will provide guidance as to how each college supports research careers.

Citizenship Staff wished to know what expectations were around the term 'citizenship'. An institution wide definition of Citizenship has been adopted and will be incorporated into policies this year
Admin Roles

Staff were unclear why some activities were Admin Roles and some were not, and felt it was difficult to compare time allocations across colleges as role titles were not consistent.


The Workload Planning Steering Group reviewed the list of over 2432 roles which were present in SWARM in 2018/19. Many of these were duplications or roles which were not named consistently. It was determined that it would be helpful through SWARM to understand what activities were either a material part of a full time role, or were strategically important, or were likely to be undertaken by staff in all colleges.


With this in mind, a consistent set of  titles was agreed to be worked into policies over the next year. Activities which formed Admin Roles which are not on the list will most likely be shown under S&S- the time will not by any means be lost or deducted.


There may well be roles which are not on this initial iteration of the list but meet one or more of the criteria detailed above. It was agreed that the Workload Planning Steering Group will review the list of roles at each meeting (termly). If staff feel a role should be included, please inform your workload planning administrator who will arrange for this suggestion to go to your college's workload meeting before being reviewed by the Steering Group. 

Taught Module Hours As the most material part of many workloads there were numerous ideas of how to reform this area. A working group of ADEs has been set up and the PPBI team will be attending as many ESG meetings in colleges as possible in Term 1 to gather more feedback.