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‘It’s an experience of a lifetime! I was able to learn not only from the professors and seminars, but also from the other students and staff. I made connections spanning the globe that I’ll treasure for a very long time. I’m so thankful for the opportunity and that I chose to take it!’ 

Josiah, Canada

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Opening of Application Window

Applications for the Pre University Summer School are now open until 10th June 2022. To apply, visit our online application form and choose the Under 18 option. 

Academic Programme

Academic Programme

For our 2021 programme, we looked at different ways of providing insight and experience to our students interested in their different disciplines. Much like you would for an undergraduate degree programme, our students will now have the exciting opportunity to build their own programme within their timetable and explore more areas that may be of interest to them.

Students on our Pre University Programme signed up for one of the 4 pathways specified below and then explore within those areas and see which subjects truly match with their intentions for the future. 

This subject strand will give you a chance to explore some of our subjects delivered by our College of Humanities, currently ranked within the top 100 places worldwide to study Arts and Humanities. 1

Join our academic colleagues and students from the subjects of History, English, Drama and Art History, and see what you could do during and post higher education. The strand will involve sample lectures or workshops from each subject with the chance to build your own programme of interests as well as a general introduction to studying a Humanities subject from the people best placed to tell you all about it; our students. You will also get the chance to take part in an assignment competition and see how you could improve your study skills to suit the study of any of these subjects. Following on from the study aspect, learn about how you could take your degree into the future of work and look at some of the jobs our alumni have gone into following their degrees.

1According to the THE World University Subject Rankings 2021

By joining this strand, you will have the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of Politics and International Relations, currently ranked in the top 10 for Politics in the UK1. This programme allows you to interact and learn from our academic colleagues in our College of Social Sciences and International Studies and our current students. You will also get the chance to learn about what it takes to study in this area from the people right in the middle of the action and tell you about their challenges and rewards during their studies. Towards the end of the programme you will also have the opportunity to explore the different career options available to you after your studies and look at some of the career paths of our alumni following their Politics and International Relations studies.

1According to the Complete University Guide 2021

Our Medicine and Healthcare strand gives students the opportunity to find out more about the degree programmes involved in the different areas of Healthcare from Nutrition to Medicine and Medical Sciences to Sports Sciences. This strand allows you to interact with and learn from academic colleagues and students from a variety of disciplines within our College of Medicine and Health, and our College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Subjects covered within the programme include:

  • Medicine
  • Medical Sciences
  • Sports and Health Sciences
  • Nutrition

Students also have the opportunity to look at careers outside the traditional assumption of the role of a Doctor and look at where our alumni have made careers as well as the study skills needed to succeed in these subject areas. Additional to our Information and Guidance on Applying to Higher Education portion of the programme, students within this strand will also get interview guidance, practice and feedback as well as guidance on the UKCAT examination.

Our Business and Law strand looks at the two different subjects as a whole with sessions from our Law School, ranked in the top 150 globally for Law study1 and our Business School, ranked number 1 for graduate outcomes2. These two areas have been put together as they are often combined in people's areas of interest and students frequently ask us if they can do both subjects. Programme session examples include the following topics:

  • Business Law
  • Contract Law
  • Medical Law
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship

Students will also get the opportunity to learn from students who are study either or both areas and learn about which skill sets they use most often. As part of the programme, we will also be looking at the different career options and career paths taken by our Alumni.

1 According to THE World University Rankings 2021

2 DHLE 2017

G7 Summit Challenge

The G7 Summit, held this year close to our Penryn Campus, is an important stage for world leaders to attempt to fix or be proactive about situations that are causing crises around the world. It's been a very challenging year globally and the magnitude of some of the challenges we face in the future mean that global cooperation has never been more important. This is also true for our future world leaders, our future scientists, researchers and experts in areas across all disciplines. This challenge is designed to bring students together from different disciplines to show how each discipline can impact the future, while also giving students the chance to see the changes they could make to help solve global challenges. These students are the ones that may well be the solutions for the problems we are starting to or are still facing now and this is an opportunity to challenge each other to be creative, empathetic and practical to find the solutions.