Academic programme

For summer 2019, we present three academic pathways looking into the study and career options of:

  • Business, Management and Economics
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Law

Each pathway will consist of:

  • talks
  • sample lectures and demonstrations by faculty from the University, current students and also external professionals
  • a field trip
  • workshops and group challenges
  • practical sessions

Throughout the programme, the pathways will look at application and entrance to higher education, particularly at the University of Exeter, as well as skills needed to succeed in higher education and beyond.

Global challenges

An overarching theme in each pathway is a group study project which will bring together the knowledge and skills the students develop during the programme.

The exercise will involve a developing situation where the students need to discuss and react to the situation as it unfolds by deciding on their next steps and try to work through the situation to try to reach a positive outcome. Each situation is based on a potential or even current situation facing the world which they may well need to address or may be affected by in the future careers of each student.

This will run throughout each academic pathway and may involve working with other courses to find a best practice solution to the challenge.


The pathway of Business, Management and Economics will look at the different topics of study within these fields and an experience of these areas at Higher Education with sample lectures as well as input from current students to ensure the students are well prepared for what it would take to do a course in Business and Management or Economics.

The programme will also focus on different career options open to students on Economics and Business and Management degrees and a look at the different study options at the University of Exeter in combination with other degrees. We invite external professionals, from entrepreneurs to CEOs, in to our sessions to talk to the students about their careers and how they achieved what they have done and to help inspire the students in what they can achieve once they have finished their studies.

Our Medicine and Healthcare pathway looks at the different routes into a career in healthcare, including but also expanding on the traditional medicine degree. This includes mental healthcare and specialist areas such as medical imaging, neuroscience and sports science.

The aim of the programme is to give students a background into what is healthcare and see all that is involved, as well as looking at the traditional role of a doctor. The pathway also involves a visit to the Clinical Resource Skills Centre for a practical session on clinical skills.

The Law pathway is aimed at expanding the traditional assertion of ‘I want to be a Lawyer’ or similar, to a study of the different areas of Law and different career options available within the field. The objective of the course is to help students understand what is involved in a study of Law and to help prepare them by giving students a basic understanding of different areas.

Visits from professionals in different areas of Law will also help the students to get an idea of what they would like to do with their future as well as the route into the profession. The pathway also includes a visit to see a court case in action with a professional to explore the profession in practice.