Key Dates

Applications Open - 30th January 2020

Applications Close - 7th June 2020

Programme Start - 19th July 2020

Programme End - 2nd August 2020

What's Included

Included within the programme fee:

  • Meet and Greet Transfer from Airport
  • Half-board, En-Suite Accommodation on Campus
  • Academic Sessions from Faculty, Students and Professionals
  • Application Guidance
  • Field Trips
  • Exciting Social Programme
  • Welfare and Support Team
  • Return Transfer
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A Day in the Life of a Pre University Summer School Student

Our programme follows a standard timetable to each day to ensure the students know what to expect and what time they need to attend which event. The programme is intensive but we do have built in time for everyone to simply relax and enjoy meeting new people and getting to know each other.

Typical Weekday

08:00 > 10:00

Breakfast and getting ready for the day ahead

10:00 > 12:00

Academic Sessions

12:00 > 13:00

Lunch on Campus 

13:00 > 16:00

Academic Sessions

16:00 > 18:00

Free Time1

18:00 > 19:00


19:00 > 22:00

Evening Activities

22:00 > 23:00

Relaxing in the Accommodation2

23:00 > 07:00

Students In Bedroom3


1 Free time ensures that students can relax if they are tired, socialise with other members of the group or take part in a variety of activities that are organised by our Student Group Leaders including sports, walks, games or a visit to the City Centre

2 We encourage the students to unwind after an intensive day by relaxing quietly in the accommodation after 10pm and it also provides the students with a chance to reflect on the day together and discuss the next day. Students who are very tired can then head to bed whenever they want feel.

3 We ask that after 11pm each student is in their own bedroom. Due to the different international time zones, this is often a good time for students to make a quick call home or check in with family. We don’t ask or specify what time students go to bed or go to sleep but ask that each person respects the possibility that the student in the next room may well be asleep and not create a lot of noise.

Our programme is aimed at students who wish to experience life at university. For this reason, we will always start by treating everyone as young adults and simply ask that each person respects everyone else on the programme. We only start to enforce lights out and constant supervision if anyone proves that they should not be treated as a young adult or does not follow our Code of Conduct.


Aside from transfer days, we have three full days over the weekends where we provide a day trip or trip to a local area of interest for half the day. These trips are all compulsory unless a student is unable to participate but we would still encourage everyone to join in wherever possible and alternative arrangements to enable participation are provided where necessary.