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Opening of Application Window

Applications for the Pre University Summer School are now closed while we prepare our 2023 programme.

A Day in the Life of a Pre University Summer School Student

Our programme follows a standard timetable to each day to ensure the students know what to expect and what time they need to attend which event. The programme is intensive but we do have built in time for everyone to simply relax and enjoy meeting new people and getting to know each other.

Typical Weekday

08:00 > 10:00

Breakfast and getting ready for the day ahead

10:00 > 12:00

Programme Sessions

12:00 > 13:30

Lunch on Campus 

13:30 > 16:30

Programme Sessions

16:30 > 18:30

Free Time

18:30 > 19:30


19:30 > 22:00

Evening Activities

22:00 > 23:00

Relaxing in the Accommodation2

23:00 > 07:00

Students In Bedroom3

Evening Activities

Our evening activities include a range of ideas to get students talking to each other about different issues, get to know people from around the world, try something new and just have fun. Previous activities have included climbing centres, alternative (very alternative!) olympics, escape rooms, quizzes, cooking competitions and even live music shows. There are also more relaxing activities at the end of a busy day like film and board game evenings for those who want to relax a bit more.

Free Time and Accommodation Time

Our on campus programme is quite intensive, both mentally and physically at times but we do build in time for you to have a bit of downtime or just socialise with new friends. Our Student Group Leaders (current students who work with you on the programme) do organise different activities such as sports, shopping or games at the request of students as well. 

After the evening activities, we do encourage you to unwind a bit in the accommodation and get yourself ready for the next day or reflect on the one just passed. You can obviously go to bed at whatever time you like but you are able to sit around with your friends in the evening before 11pm.

While we want to ensure that you get a true experience of student life at university, including in the accommodation, it is important to remember that this programme is aimed at students under the age of 18 and so there are certain rules that we have to ensure are followed. The 11pm cut off time is not called a curfew or a lights out, merely that we ask you to remain within your bedroom unless you have a valid reason to not be in there. This also gives our staff and student group leaders a chance to catch up and get ready for the next day as well. There is no assumption that you go to sleep at this point or that you sit in the dark, our programme welcomes students from all over the world and this means this time is often used to catch up with people at home on different time zones. The only thing we ask of you during this time is that you respect the fact that other people in nearby rooms may wish to go to sleep and so nobody is very noisy.

Our programme is aimed at students who wish to experience life at university. For this reason, we will always start by treating everyone as young adults and simply ask that each person respects everyone else on the programme. We only start to enforce lights out and constant supervision if anyone proves that they should not be treated as a young adult or does not follow our Code of Conduct.


Aside from transfer days, we have three full days over the weekends where we provide a day trip or trip to a local area of interest for half the day. These trips are all compulsory unless you are unable to participate but we would still encourage everyone to join in wherever possible and alternative arrangements to enable participation are provided where necessary.

Trips have included beach days with surfing lessons and beach competitions, Eden Project visits, sightseeing in Exeter and other local areas to the Streatham campus.