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How to Apply

In order to apply, you will need to complete the application form and be sure to check that the following items have been uploaded. If the application is incomplete, it will not be considered until we have received all documentation. If you are unable to upload any documents for whatever reason, please complete the application and send additional documentation to

When applying please ensure you upload the following documents:

  1. official confirmation of your most recent high school grades

  2. a reference letter from your school and the contact details for the referee in the application form.

  3. evidence of your English language proficiency (if your first language is not English or if English is not the language of instruction at your school).

Please note that all successful applicants will be required to supply a signed Parental Consent form and Code of Conduct by their parent or legal guardian once their application has been accepted.

Before applying:

  • Please ensure you have prepared your Personal Statement. You are able to type it out into the field but it is easier for you to copy and paste the text into the document.

  • Please ensure you have a copy of your most recent grades from your school and also any English Language certification if applicable.

  • If you are unsure if you have the correct documents, please email and attach the documents and we will be able to verify if your attachments are accepted for applications.

  • If you are concerned that you do not have these documents readily available but you are keen to put in your application, please complete the application and send an email to explain the absence of supporting documents.

  • Please ensure your application is completed using the English alphabet.

  • Please ensure you have permission from your referee for us to contact them requesting a reference.

Once you are ready to make an application, click here to go through to the application form.