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‘It’s an experience of a lifetime! I was able to learn not only from the professors and seminars, but also from the other students and staff. I made connections spanning the globe that I’ll treasure for a very long time. I’m so thankful for the opportunity and that I chose to take it!’ 

Josiah, Canada

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Information for Agents and School Councillors

If you are looking for more information about summer programmes in general, group applications or advertising for programmes, please contact

Opening of Application Window

Applications for the Pre University Summer School are now closed while we prepare our 2023 programme.

Parent and Guardian Information

This page is specifically designed for parents and guardians of students who are attending or interested in attending our Pre-University Summer School. We recognise that is incredibly important for you to feel that your child is safe, happy and healthy with us, as well as feeling assured that they will benefit from the experience. 

While the future is still extremely uncertain around the world with regards to Covid-19, the situation is a large number of places is improving to the extent that an on campus programme seems like a realistic ambition. While this may be the case at the moment, our priority is, and will remain, the welfare of our Pre University students, our staff and students on campus as well as our wider community. If we believe that proceeding with our on campus programme will negatively impact the welfare of these people, we will look to move the programme online and reserve the right to do so at any time. 

This does not mean that we will wait until the day before the programme to make a decision. We will look to make the decision at the earliest sign that this an on campus programme will not be beneficial to the welfare of our university community, including the Pre University Students. If this is the case, each student will be offered a full refund or a place on our online programme at a reduced fee. 

If we are able to go ahead on campus, be please assured that full risk assessments including how to deal with any form of interference from Covid-19 have been considered and that precautions may need to be communicated to the students prior to the start of the programme to ensure no negative impact on their welfare.

This is of paramount importance to us and is not a responsibility that the University of Exeter takes lightly, with considerable thought going into the practice and policies involved in our programmes.

While we recognise that this programme is designed to give your teenager the chance to experience life as a university student, it is also important that to remember any students under the age of 18 are still considered children in the eyes of the law in the UK. We maintain a strict maximum supervision ratio of 1:15 students with our highly trained student ambassadors, as well as designated members of staff on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes ensuring that no students are ever in a one to one situation with a member of staff or student ambassador unless the session is recorded from the very start, in the case of the one to one support sessions. These recordings are then viewed by our staff to ensure they met with our strict code of conduct. All members of staff and Student Ambassadors with any contact with our students undergo an Enhanced DBS check prior to being assigned roles.

Our Student Ambassadors

Our Exeter Student Ambassadors are current students who work as ambassadors for the university, which gives our summer school participants the chance to interact on a daily basis with other students who are experiencing student life, possibly in the field in which your child is interested. We ensure that the Student Ambassadors are well trained and able to work with the students but have the full support of staff should they need anyone.

We recognise that it’s not easy to supervise teenagers without them feeling they are constantly being watched, and this is why we use our student ambassadors to give the teenagers someone to interact with on their own level, whilst still being responsible for them.

The benefit of using a ratio of 1 ambassador to 15 students means that the students are able to get to know each other in the group and make friends without forcing them all to get along immediately. This also provides the ambassador with a group of students to get to know and interact with, as well as helping them to stay safe and happy in practical ways.

International Summer School Team

The Exeter student ambassadors are in direct contact with staff at all times. The International Summer School team are on hand constantly, join in with the programme and offer the students another person to talk to if they have any concerns or questions. Our staff are also on hand for you to contact, should you have any concerns or questions. The best way to contact our staff during the programme is detailed on our Parents' Information, which is sent out upon successful application.

We have a designated emergency line for our summer programmes which is manned by our team during programme hours. We also ask for information of an Emergency Contact should we witness or be made aware of any emergency on screen with any of our students.

Risk Assessments

All the activities on the programme are assessed thoroughly for risks and these assessments can be made available upon request. Within each assessment, there is a guide on how to react in emergencies to ensure all staff and ambassadors responsible for student welfare know how to respond.

Emergency Contact with Parents/Guardians

In the event of any emergency that we feel has impacted on a student’s welfare, we will contact you directly via the emergency contact information we request on the welfare form. It is incredibly important that this information is up to date, but we will only use it if we deem the situation to be an emergency or as having a serious effect on the programme.

As part of the application procedure, all students and a parent/guardian must read through and sign our code of conduct. This document details what we expect from participants on our programme, what we will not tolerate and any consequences of breaking this code of conduct. This is a formal agreement between participants and the University to ensure that everyone can truly enjoy the experience without dealing with disciplinary issues and being unsure as to the behaviour required. 

Before the Programme

At all times during the programme we can  be contacted via our general inbox If you wish to speak to us, please send us an email and we can arrange a convenient time to speak over the telephone.

From 48 hours prior to the commencement of the programme, our emergency contact number (detailed on all documents) will be live for any concerns from parents or issues.

During the Programme

This number will then be in use during the scheduled hours of the programme and at any time when we are of students working together on the progrmame. This will be answered by a member of the International Summer School Team until 48 hours after the end of the programme.

Upon successful application to the programme, your child will be sent four documents:

  • Offer letter – confirmation of their successful application along with details of what to do next
  • Code of conduct – this needs to be signed by both the student and a parent/guardian and returned to us
  • Parental consent form – this needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to us in order to confirm the student’s place on the programme
  • Programme Information – this is a guide designed for the students to give them more details as to the programme itself and what to expect along with what to bring and what to do in an emergency

Once the acceptance of a place has been received via the parental consent form and payment of the deposit, other documents will be sent out or we will request online forms to be completed which will ask for health or dietary requirements as well as emergency contact information.

We will also send out regular updates during the application window and ask for:

  • an identification photo
  • and a copy of the student’s formal identification, either passport or national Identity Card.

If you decide that this programme would suit your child and they would benefit from it, the next step is to either complete our Register your Interest form or apply. If you have any questions or concerns up to this point, please do not hesitate in contacting us on

Registering Your Interest

This form will be available for a time before applications open. If you wish to hear more information about the programme before we release it to the general public or you wish to be notified when the application window is open, please complete this form. To be notified when this form is live please contact us to be added to the mailing list, this form will close a few weeks before applications open.


If the application window is open and your child wishes to apply to the programme, please ensure you take a look at our entry requirements regarding English language level. We also ask for three documents to be uploaded with the application:

  • The most recent copy of school grades for your child from the school
  • An academic and character reference from the school your child currently attends
  • A copy of any relevant English language certification or qualifying letter from a school – if applicable. 

If you are unable to provide all of the necessary documents at the time of application, please don’t worry. You will still be able to put through the application, just email us to clarify any difficulties you are having in obtaining the other documents or including them within the application. Likewise, if we receive an incomplete application, our next step is to follow up with an email requesting the missing documents.

Processing of Applications

Once an application is complete, it normally takes up to 5 working days to process and then the student will receive either an offer letter, a provisional offer (if they do not have the necessary English language level) or an email to explain why they have not been accepted to the programme.

Please note that places are awarded on a first come, first served basis, providing the student meets the entry requirements. In some situations we will accept late applications, so if you are concerned about missing the deadlines, please let us know via

The Pre University summer school is designed to give students a real insight into life studying their chosen discipline in higher education. Naturally, we hope to encourage all students who visit the University of Exeter to see us as a potential place of study but the summer school programme is designed to go further than show what we do at the University of Exeter.

Career Insights

All programmes are suitable for any student with an interest in the chosen field, and also acts as opportunity to see if the discipline the student sees as a potential future is likely to suit them or if they may wish to investigate something else.

In fields such as Medicine, Business, and Law, it is a very demanding lifestyle as a student and as a professional later in life, so we feel it is vital that students have the opportunity to see if they are serious about pursuing this, and even investigate other options if they choose not to proceed with the path they previously envisioned.

Making Friends

We also feel that every student should have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and experience other perspectives. The Pre University summer school provides students with exactly this opportunity; to meet people from all over the world with similar interests or future career goals and have the chance to make connections and friendships that last well beyond the summer.

Prepare for Higher Education 

Going into Higher Education is a big step for any student, particularly one who may be moving a long distance from home to do so. The programme is designed to show students what life can be like as a student and help them prepare for the application process to make the transition as stress free as possible. From help with personal statements and how to choose a university course to real life skills such as cooking and budgeting, we aim to help students face the future with confidence. 

Confidence in Future Choices

One key component of the programme is our academic insights area where students get the chance to engage with and learn from our academic colleagues within areas of interest. While this may be useful in building general knowledge of a subject and providing subject knowledge for personal statements, the real aim of this is to help students feel confident in their choice of future courses when applying for university. Each person will take some new knowledge and perspective from a seminar, lecture or even workshop, but most importantly they will see how much they enjoyed the session or was challenged by it to see if it could be a good fit in their own future studies. Another key aspect of the way in which the academic programme is organised during the programme is to give choice to the students as to which sessions they join. While each student is required to select a primary pathway of interest, once they have the full timetable, each student will be able to select some academic sessions from any area of the programme that suits their interest. This in turn helps everyone get accustomed to the idea of taking control of their own learning as you do at undergraduate level when you choose your modules. In general, the objective is to increase confidence in their own decision making and provide real opportunities to practise this skill within education.

If we have to cancel the programme or any academic pathways

While we will always do our utmost to ensure that the programme is never cancelled, times are still uncertain with regards to the ongoing global pandemic of Covid-19 and, while we are hoping to run our programme on campus in person next year, we cannot guarantee that this is possible and the situation may chance over the course of the next 9 months. Our absolute priority if the safety and welfare of our students, staff and guests and any decision on whether to cancel the programme or to move online will be made with this at the very top of the list. 

The other reason the programme or a particular academic pathway may be cancelled is due to student numbers affecting the quality of the programme. We have never had to do this in the past and very much believe this is a very small risk but, again due to the pandemic, it is something that needs to be considered on our side. 

If the programme or an academic pathway is cancelled entirely, a refund of all fees paid will be issued. Should the programme move online, all students will be offered the chance to take part in the online programme or receive a full refund of any fees paid. The decision to cancel or withdraw an academic pathway or entire programme will always be taken as early as possible but we hope that everyone can appreciate, after a very difficult last two years with the global pandemic, that a difficult decision may need to be made close to the start of the programme if we feel that the safety and health of anybody involved is at risk. 

If you choose to withdraw from the programme

After having accepted the place on the programme, if you decide that your child is no longer able to attend or you do not feel they will benefit from the programme, you are able to withdraw your child from the programme by providing a email stating this explicitly. You will receive a refund of fees paid depending on the time of the withdrawal according to the following terms and conditions which are also made available to you at the time of accepting a place on the programme.

Before 23rd May 2022 - 98% fees paid refunded according to current exchange rates 

From 23rd May until 23rd July 2022 - the £400 deposit will no longer be refundable and you will receive a refund of any portion of the full programme fee paid excluding the deposit

24th July until 26th July 2022 - 50% of the programme fee paid, exlcuding the deposit is refundable

From 27th July 2022 - no refunds will be issued