What are smarter water networks?

Published on: 26 February 2016

Smart water networks are a response to the increase in water consumption.

Water companies face a 24/7 demand for high quality, reliable and low priced water from customers. This is difficult to achieve due to climate change increasing water scarcity and decreasing water quality; ageing infrastructure meaning leaks occur more frequently; and increased consumption as the population grows.

Water needs to be managed better so what is the solution? The water industry can be targeted using smart water technologies for leakage detection, customer metering, energy management, quality monitoring, and pressure management.

How can this be done? Smart water networks manage water remotely from data to operational commands. If a pipe is leaking it is picked up immediately by IT systems and information is automatically received, allowing a team to be sent to the site and repair a leak, which can then be checked remotely.

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