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Published on: 22 November 2017

Pioneering research at the University of Exeter including solving the world’s energy crisis and improving energy efficiency has been presented to delegates at a series of talks at Exeter Science Park.

Dr Steven Hepplestone, a lecturer in the theory of quantum mechanics, presented details of the innovative project alongside his research team at The STEMM Cell @ Exeter Science Park – Inspiring Growth event.

Dr Hepplestone addressed the world energy crisis, explaining how with quantum mechanics – the study of the smallest constituent particle of matter – we can improve energy efficiency.

A normally theoretical scientific study, Dr Hepplestone and his team have been studying how quantum mechanics can be put to practical use by predicting and creating new materials with properties that can improve energy efficiency.

Dr Hepplestone said: "By both generating energy and improving energy storage, we can improve viability and efficiency.

"For example, we study how to make batteries more efficient and able to hold more charge by careful atomic level design of the materials. This can then be tested and applied to practical situations for business use or further scientific study."

Looking at topics including productivity, innovation and leadership, as well as science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM), The STEMM Cell @ Exeter Science Park events are a series of presentations designed to inspire business growth.

Dr Sally Basker, CEO of Exeter Science Park said: "The Science Park’s mission is to host and support innovative STEMM companies to deliver extraordinary growth. In running these events, we’re bringing together the thought-leaders, innovators and key players in the region to collaborate and share knowledge on key topics linked to leadership, productivity and STEMM subjects.

"With revolutionary scientific study taking place in the region and with the world energy crisis a hot topic at the moment, it was an obvious choice for our first discussion."

The events are being run in partnership with the SETsquared Exeter incubator.

Watch videos from previous events, or find out more about future events:

Attendees are welcome to arrive and use the Science Park Centre facilities from 15.00 with networking due to start at 17.00. Presentations start at 17.45, followed by a question and answer session.

Tickets are now available to purchase for all the presentation and are £10 per event or £2.50 for students. 

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