CALMARE's business services include materials testing and analysis.

Centre for Alternative Materials and Remanufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing companies in the South West can benefit from 12 hours of free materials development and sustainability support by working with the Centre for ALternative MAterials and REmanufacturing technologies (CALMARE), a new business technology centre at the University of Exeter.

The centre provides access to academic research, material testing and analysis facilities and knowledge of new, sustainable materials.

CALMARE also offers consultancy, waste management and minimisation advice and the facilitation of partnerships with other local businesses.

A team of materials experts have supported a range of businesses through feasibility projects, ranging from desktop research to materials testing and routes to market for recycled products.

One of the centre’s clients is Mathmos, which has been producing lava lamps for 50 years. CALMARE is helping the business  investigate materials it can use that are safer than glass. This work will ensure  the company complies with legislation required to allow sales to younger consumers. 

The centre are hosting a number of workshop to assess specific business requirements that they can address in follow up projects as part of the free support they offer.

To meet the needs of businesses, CALMARE can use the University’s expertise and facilities, including the Imaging Suite, which provides analytical services for experimental applications at micro and nano scale.

South West Manufacturing Advisory Service is a supporting partner of the centre. The partners providing match funding for the centre include Hambleside Danelaw, ANGLO American Vulcanized Fibre (part of the Krempel group) and the British Plastics Federation (BPF), the UK’s leading plastic industry trade association.

Tim Marsden, Senior Projects Executive at BPF, said: “As the leading trade association for the plastics industry in the UK, one of our major concerns is upcoming UK and EU legislation issues and how they affect businesses. So we are delighted that CALMARE has been set up to help SMEs identify and tackle the growing challenges they face in reusing and recycling plastics and composite materials.”

CALMARE is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund Programme 2007-2013, with match funding from industry partners.